Our prime time show revolves around the lives of the people involved in the - newly refurbish - Jozi media house, NZH: the company that produces the gritty weekly newspaper, The Voice, and gloss-glam, celeb mag, Scandal! Watch how the pressured professional and personal lives of management and journalists collide (oh, and how their loved ones suffer in the process!) as they rush to find exclusives, meet deadlines, push to make the big bucks and increase sales. Scandal has it all: provocative plots; conflict, confrontation and crisis; intrigue; family feuds e.t.c
This often controversial slivers of real life show, set in Johannesburg and produced by legendary Curious Pictures, takes a fast and hard look at the highs and lows of South Africa’s music biz. Allow us to give you the grand tour where music is the universal language, raw ambition the currency, and a time honoured custom is to stab people in the back: There are flash shots of the stop-stall-restart careers of the big stars, their egos and greed; the press hype and spins; the recording companies and studios; the gigs; the nightclubs; the launch parties etc.